Friday, December 24, 2010

Dear Gen Y

Dear Gen Y,

We know,  you’re the love of your life, we understand. You dream of your super dooper future and gasp in awe of it’s greatness, you spend hours perfecting your myspace and facebook profiles and love nothing more than posting your  every whim on tumblr. Breaking up is always hard, so here are some handy hints on how to get over your self.

1. Deflate your ego. Take some time off from the online world. We know you may look amazing on facebook, seem like you’re the bee’s knees on blogspot but have you actually achieved anything tangible in the past few months? How about we give you a little time to think on that one

2. Serve others. We know you’ve got big dreams and an amazing future ahead of you but serving others is a great way of broadening your perspective and helping you to see the bigger picture, the full one…you know the one I mean, the one with other people in it besides just yourself.

3. Get old school.  Taking the time to learn some old school manners and etiquette will earn the respect of baby boomers and gen x’ers alike and show everybody just how not self absorbed you really are.

Following these handy hints will have you over yourself and moving on in no time.


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