Thursday, July 14, 2011

Gen Y & Z etiquette lesson #56 - HOW TO SAY HELLO

              Stand facing the person whom you wish to greet 
             Make eye contact (but not too much – that’s intense)
             Lift right hand (left if you prefer, there is no right or wrong option here).
             Move the hand to the left four centimetres, then the right and back to the left.
             Whilst performing this slightly complex hand movement try to add in a verbal bi-syllabic word 
          such as “hello” (hell – oh).
          If this is too difficult you may shorten the word to the familiar “Hi” (as in High, not Hee).
            For those who are feeling adventurous you can even add the phrase “How are you?” afterwards. 
          But  be careful to cease moving the hand at this stage.
          For a finishing touch you must endeavour against all feelings that speak otherwise to smile. Open your
          lips to one centimetre (vertically not horizontally otherwise you may look like a fish) and tilt the  
          corners of your lips upwards {Please refer to etiquette lesson # 4 for more detailed instructions on how     
          to smile}.         
                   Return hand to a neutral position beside your hips (please fight the desire to place the hand inside your 
          pocket or behind your back)
            Continue in the same manner if the person responds and potentially engages you in conversation.