Saturday, January 22, 2011

Money - Generations X&Y

Here is a great link to an article in Adelaide Now (of all places) about finance and Gen Y & X!

Let me inspire both generations to read this: Generation Y language:
Learn how to save money so you can buy things you want... Generation X language:
Examine your financial future - time is running out!


Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Family Stickers

How do you identify a gen X female driver…?

They have MyFamily stickers that show off their perfect family. Not that it would ever be societal ideals of the perfect family (that which was the nuclear two parent and two children). It would be their choice and it would be the best. Elements of brag-ability include having more than four (4) children in the My Family sticker brood; winning the most-talented family competition or my favourite, a single person with dogs, cats, birds, I think I even saw a reptile…
Apparently this phenomenon, which was started by a mum on the Gold Coast and now embarking on global domination, is akin to Facebook for you car. Single mums and dads are using it as a dating tool at the school gate… or as a convenient way to judge each other. “Oh my” says Carol. “She has five kids… I wouldn’t want them around for a Saturday play date.” The other mothers titter with juicy delight as they admire their soccer-styled or piggy-tailed 1-2 children’s stickers on their own SUV.
More difficult to understand are the women whose children have actually left home or at least passed the age of eighteen and are clearly not impressed that their over-adoring parent has them portrayed as a six-year old with a tennis racket (a sport they haven’t played since they were…well… six years old!).
Gen Y trickster option: purchase a few for your Boomer father as a joke and act hurt if they refuse to put them on their Jeep.